Packwood: 360-494-4848
Mossyrock: 360-983-8500
James Jotblad, GRI


Pledge to Clients: Selling or Buying with honesty to all parties. Looking out for the best interest of the customer(s) I am working for. If I do not have an answer doing my best to find it.

Professional Experience: Nearly 24 years as a REALTOR starting April 15, 1992. 3 years as an agent then graduated and Licensed as a Broker in 1995, earned my GRI shortly after. Prior to entering the Real Estate profession I spent most of my early years in construction.

Education: GED and years of hands on and hard knocks. Never make the same mistake twice!

Outside Interests: Long trips to remote places, searching and digging for semi precious gems. Finding the next un-inhabited place. Working in my garden so I can give most of the produce away. Working in my shop building small things to sell or give away.

Personal Information: Soon to reach 65 and more adventures to find.

Position: Managing Broker - Packwood
Phone: 360-494-4848
Cell: 360-496-1667
Fax: 360-494-4818